Jared, Kyal, Josh and Nick each rate things different. You might get confused if they review the same thing, but it is fairly self-explanatory. The following will help you understand though:


Jared rates on a 10 point scale.

0-5/10 – Well below average. This is something you can generally skip, be it an episode of a television series, a show as a whole, or a movie, book, etc.

6-8/10 – Average. There was nothing extraordinary about this, but gets its point across. Something you can generally rent and not focus on buying.

9-10/10 – Above average/Near perfection. The cream of the crop. Something you should own.


Kyal rates on a grading scale from A+ to F

A+ thru A- — Must see. For movies, anything in the “A” range counts as one of my favorite movies of the year. As for television, this counts as an original and entertaining show that people should definitely check out.

B+ thru B- — An enjoyable but not perfect movie. There are usually a couple of important things missing or that bug me about the film that are keeping it from being an “A.” As for television, this is a show that I enjoy watching, but could give it up if I had to.

C+ thru D+ — Skip it. If a film or television show receives this grade, it is usually average to below average. It is nothing new and lacks anything worth remembering.

D thru F — Don’t even bother. Films and shows like these are a disappointment in the business, and depress me that projects like these are given any attention.


I basically rip off Peter Travers on a four point scale. Pretty basic:

4/4: Excellent film. A classic. Don’t miss it.

3.5/4: Damn good, but missing a little something. You still should see it.

3/4: Could have been better, but I enjoyed myself.

2/4: Wait for the Blu-Ray. A drink might help.

1/4: Don’t even bother.

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