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Movie Review – “I Lost My Body” (2019)

i lost my body


“I Lost My Body” relishes in the bizarre, while also finding a strangely charming and unique idea in that same bizarre-ness. The film is about a young French boy, Naoufel, who recently had his hand severed in an accident. But rather than tell the story from Naoufel’s perspective, the film is told from his hand’s perspective, as it comes to life and desperately tries to make it back home to Naoufel without being spotted. The hand sometimes walks around like a flesh crab, while other times it looks like a little person, giving it a rather curious but hopeful personality that makes it rather lovable. Its journey is interspersed with flashbacks of Naoufel’s tragic life, but also how he always picks himself back up, making him just as likable as his hand, especially since both of them are so optimistic despite everything that’s happened to them.


But what makes “I Lost My Body” even more bizarre are the feelings that it evokes. Most films tend to focus on one of two senses, sight or sound. But “I Lost My Body” is the first film I’ve ever seen that plays on our sense of touch, evoking memories of how it feels to have sand running through your fingers, or holding your hand out of a car window and feeling the wind blowing through it, or even the sensation of trying to catch a fly. There are times where so many of these sensations start to feel tangible, like we’re right there with Naoufel. This is something no other film has tried to do and a point of view that is just as unique as it is charming, and it certainly makes “I Lost My Body” worth a watch. 


Final Grade: A-

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