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Movie Review – “Marriage Story” (2019)



“Marriage Story” is like an honest, heartfelt version of “Gone Girl,” minus the kidnapping and murder – a tale of two emotional, vulnerable individuals that we see every possible side of, especially what’s wrong with them, leading to an emotional roller coaster with many peaks and valleys that paints both parties in this marriage (Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver) as neither good nor bad. There’s a spell around this movie, the way it uses empathy and love during the moment most think love must end in a divorce.

It is through the many subtle gestures and silence of Driver and Johansson’s performances that this film comes to life, as well as their unbridled love for their son. It is often heartbreaking and devestating, and yet it will put it all back together again through its comedy and honesty. If there is any film that perfectly encapsulates the difficult of love and its bottomless rewards, that film is “Marriage Story.”

Final Grade: A


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