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Movie Review – “Frozen II” (2019)



As a 30-year old male, I can safely say that “Frozen II” left no impression on me. It does the job that it’s supposed to for the little kids – give them new catchy songs, provide loads of comedy and fantasy and more of the same family love that “Frozen” brought us. But outside of even more Olaf (Josh Gad) and his hilarious extenstial crisis and recap of the events of the first film, this is just more of the same, though with even less direction and focus. Many of the subplots feel disjointed or have nothing to do with the main plot, like Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) trying and failing to propose to Anna (Kristen Bell), even Olaf’s crisis doesn’t really add anything to the story outside of some great comedy. Although, nothing is done incompetently (outside of Kristoff’s 90s boy band song that feels out of place) and the characters are still just as charming and likable as ever, so “Frozen II” is at least a passable family experience.

Final Grade: C+


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