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Movie Review – “Ford v Ferrari” (2019)



“Ford v Ferrari” never takes itself too seriously and instead focuses its attention on the main reason people are here – Matt Damon, Christian Bale and fast cars. Damon and Bale’s chemistry is sizzling, always feeling like they’re a moment away from breaking into a fight, and yet both of them have such a great respect for each other. The many car scenes are beautifully photographed and are surprisingly intense, perfectly capturing just how chaotic and unpredictable these delicate cars could be. Many of the scenes with the Ford executives and stuffy business men interacting with the oily and rough mechanics are charming and simply hilarious. “Ford v Ferrari” is just a fun ride that’s light on seriousness and high on thrills and laughs, and does it all with enough respect and charm to always be entertaining.

Final Grade: B


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