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Movie Review – “Doctor Sleep” (2019)



If there’s one film that never needed a sequel, it was Kubrick’s “The Shining.” And yet, that unneeded sequel, “Doctor Sleep,” is not only an effective follow-up, but is a serviceable horror film in its own right. This is mostly because “Doctor Sleep” doesn’t step on Kubrick’s toes, walking a similar eerie but slow path while creating its own unique visual style that uses its psychic characters to its fullest. Instead of being haunting, it is mysterious and trippy. There are of course visual homages to “The Shining,” but they never feel forced, especially when they arrive at the hotel, leading to some wonderful scenes of Danny (Ewen McGregor) revisiting his traumatic past, especially a wonderful moment with his father. It is a fine horror experience without ruining “The Shining,” while also making you realize just how spectacular and one-of-a-kind Kubrick’s horror masterpiece was.

Final Grade: B+


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