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Movie Review – “Hustlers” (2019)

There’s a unique sense of pride and love found in “Hustlers.” While I’d describe the film as “The Wolf of Wall Street” but with strippers instead of wall street brokers, the touching and heartfelt bond between these women and sharing their lust for life with one another is the driving force behind this picture. Jennifer Lopez has never been as brilliant as the fun-loving yet commanding Ramona, taking in every moment of her eccentric lifestyle, whether as the highest-class stripper or a diva who has her hand in every brokers wallet. While Constance Wu always keeps the film grounded as the brains of this unlikely operation. Together, they sparkle as if they were long lost sisters who would rather lose everything they have than spend another day without each other.

All the while, “Hustlers” has a uplifting sense of humor that never gets stale. Whether its poking fun at the high-end lifestyle of strippers and how it relates to their sex lives, concoting the recepie they use to make these brokers their pawns, the process they use to recruit others into their gang and the wild bunch they attract, to even Lopez and Wu calling each other Shaq and Kobe and arguing over whose Kobe, there is no shortage of uniquely inspiriting comedy that shows the life of a stripper is far more invigorating than anyone could have thought. This all works to create a smart, funny, surprisingly emotional experience that commands your attention and never lets go.

Final Grade: A- 

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