Movie Reviews

Movie Review – “Panic Room” (2002)



Leave it to David Fincher to turn a forgettable story of a mother and daughter hiding from home invaders in their own panic room into a compelling, nail-biter that feels remincisent of Hitchcock thrillers like “Rear Window” and “Lifeboat.” Every moment is dripping with tension as each group of characters tries to outsmart the other, the mother and daughter trying to get word to the outside world, while the invaders straddle the line between sympathetic and insanely greedy as they try to reason with the mother without blowing up in her face.

Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto play two of the invaders and the chemistry between the two is chaotic but thoroughly amusing, especially the witty banter from Leto and the stone-faced reactions from their third partner (Dwight Yoakam). Jodie Foster plays the fierce but vulnerable mother and she sells every moment of panic and distress for her daughter (Kirsten Stewart). Nothing too special, just an effective and well-put together thriller that feels like Fincher doing his best Hitchcock impression.

Final Grade: B+


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