Movie Reviews

Movie Review – “Megamind” (2010)



“Megamind” fits right in with many of Dreamworks’ animated movies through its themes of never judging someone based solely off appearances or even first impressions. In this case, “Megamind” is a deconstruction of superhero stories through a relaxed, almost meditated, look at whether good or evil is something you’re born as or if it is something you choose to be.

Will Ferrell as Megamind just might be his most charismatic role, loving the supervillain lifestyle while hitting every emotional high note when he tries to find his purpose after getting what he wants. The film remains as inventive and witty as we’ve come to expect from superhero movies while doing action sequences and shots that can only be done through animations, especially near the climax. “Megamind” is creative, thoughtful, funny and offers a different superhero experience than anyone expects.

Final Grade: A-


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