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Movie Review – “Legend of the Drunken Master” (1994)



I can’t think of a better movie that symbolizes the fun, intensity and zaniness of kung fu movies than “Legend of the Drunken Master.” Jackie Chan perfectly captures this through his wide-eyed innocence, his Buster Keaton-like stunts, undeniably charisma and martial arts skills that never get old. Any one of these qualities would make a great action star, but Jackie being able to balance all of these like holding a tea set while fighting off a dozen men.

It also helps that “Legend of the Drunken Master” is the perfect mix of action and comedy, where each makes the other better. There has never been an action comedy with action sequences as well choreographed or intense as here, nor has there been an action comedy where the comedy is strengthed by the action as well as it does with this highwater mark of Jackie Chan’s career. This makes “Legend of the Drunken Master” a perfect storm of its genre, one that fully embraces the absurdity while never backing down from intense action sequences.

Final Grade: A


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