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Movie Review – “A League of Their Own” (1992)



“A League of Their Own” follows in the footsteps of other baseball movies such as “Field of Dreams” and “Pride of the Yankees” by showing a level of admiration and respect for a game that has such a long and legendary history. The past and its impact on the present is never understated, uncovering a piece of history that would otherwise be overlooked with an undeniable fondness. In this case, the formation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II to keep the homefront interested in baseball. But rather than dwell on the sexism at play or the hardships the players faced through the uniforms they were forced to wear or the random catcalls, they protray these women soaking up every moment they have in spotlight, and playing the game that they love.

Every actress is having a blast in these roles, especially Geena Davis, Lori Petty and Rosie O’Donnell who wear their scars and scraps proudly while playing to the crowd. It certainly helps that Tom Hanks turns in yet another captivating performance as the alcoholic and loud-mouthed Jimmy Dugan, nailing the perfect middle ground between refusing to help those who aren’t “ballplayers” and a genuine love for the game. And that love for baseball is what drives this movie from being a generic fluff into an entertaining ride from start to finish. “A League of Their Own” might not have anything important to say, but it admirably captures a point in history that would otherwise be ignored with such sentiment that it’s hard not to love the ride.

Final Grade: B+


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