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Movie Review – “Late Night” (2019)



As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to notice the divide between my generation and my parent’s generation grow wider as we develop more of our own identity where imperfections and vulnerability are valued and how that is in direct conflict with older generations views. But I’ve never seen it addressed with such ferocity as in “Late Night,” a new-age comedy that is less about saving a dying talk show as much as it is about the war of values between millennials and Gen-Xers.

In this movie, a respected but harsh late night talk show host (Emma Thompson) and her newest writer, a bright-eyed honest woman who admires her new boss (Mindy Kaling), constantly butting heads about what would really make the show stand out, while the two unknowingly fight over what they hold most dear, to the point of questioning what they’re fighting for.

While “Late Night” isn’t particularly funny, with most of the best lines going to Thompson and her dry delivery, I was amazed at how honest the film was at portraying the flaws and strengths of my generation and my parent’s generation. There is a genuine understanding and respect for both generations, especially the drive and maturity of the older generation and the honesty and forgiveness of the newer generation, all perfectly captured through Thompson and Kaling’s performances. It never felt like I was watching cardboard cutouts of what each generation should be, but rather damaged individuals that try to heal through comedy. Even if the story is nothing special, this one is worth checking out for the best cinematic version of millennials against Gen-Xers.

Final Grade: B


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