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Movie Review – “The Sea Hawk” (1940)



If you loved “Captain Blood,” then “The Sea Hawk” has all of the same pirate loving qualities, as well as a charismatic yet sophisticated performance from Errol Flynn. “The Sea Hawk” also benefits from having captivatingly villains with some cunning strategic plans, while also being elevated by some gleefully evil acting from Claude Rains and Henry Daniell. And despite this being a black-and-white movie, there is some wonderful and surprising use of color in this movie that threw me for a loop. But the crowning achievement of “The Sea Hawk” is certainly its score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and how it perfectly captures the awe and majesty of swashbuckling and adventures on the high sea. Korngold’s scores influenced many of today’s great composers, in particular John Williams, and you can hear just how much Korngold influenced scores like “Star Wars” and the Indiana Jones movie just by listening to the bold, sweeping music of “The Sea Hawk.”

Final Grade: B+


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