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Movie Review – “Hellboy” (2004)



Even in adapted works, Guillermo del Toro’s definitive gothic-horror style shines through in all of his work. I’m honestly surprised it took me this long to watch “Hellboy,” because it is the kind of dark alternative superhero film I would have loved even when the only thing I watched were Godzilla movies. “Hellboy” is oozing with creepy details and even more disturbing characters that want to bring about even worse evils than Nazis, all while having that authentic del Toro style of makeup and set design that always sends chills up my spine. My only complaints involve some of the superfluous characters, such as the FBI agent trying to befriend Hellboy (Ron Pearlman), and some plot points that don’t go fully explored, such as the relationship between Hellboy and his adopted father (John Hurt). I think this film could have been a little more developed and polished, but for an early 2000s supernatural superhero film, this is far from bad.

Final Grade: B


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