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Movie Review – “Cold Pursuit” (2019)



I don’t think the audience I saw “Cold Pursuit” got the movie. During most of the strange, over the top moments that only a Norwegian filmmaker could bring to the screen, this audience was dead silent, like I was attending a funeral. And yet, “Cold Pursuit” is utterly absurd, with acting that would make William Shatner and Tim Curry do a double take, and a ludicrious plot that has a dozen things going on at once. But the film embraces that absurdity, making for a black comedy unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I think most of the audience expected another Liam Nesson revenge action flick, like the “Taken” franchise, and that’s not what “Cold Pursuit” is really about at its core. Sure, Nesson avenging his son is one of the driving forces, but there are so many moving parts and characters that it’s just a cog in the machine of never ending violence. Tom Bateman’s character, a filthy rich drug lord that lives his life to the fullest, while Bateman takes every opportunity to chew up the scenary, plays a bigger part in the movie than Nesson, to the point that it feels like his story. I can see why this would throw many people off, and why some wouldn’t “get” this movie. But for those that rolled with it got a unique black comedy with an even more unique setting and sense of humor.

Final Grade: B-


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