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Movie Review – “My Favorite Wife” (1940)



Some comedies never sink their teeth into the vast well of creativity, while others dip their toes in it and do what they feel is safe with their premise. But every once in a while, a comedy will dive into it like an olympic gold medalist, not only trying everything it can with its unique premise but excelling at it every step of the way. “My Favorite Wife” is one of these screwball comedies, made by the same team that brought us “The Awful Truth,” only this time it’s even more ludicrious and even more hilarious. Irene Dunne plays someone who has been shipwrecked on a deserted island for seven years and just so happens to come back to society on the same day her husband (Cary Grant) is getting remarried. The film takes full advantage of this idea for both comedic and dramatic effect, as Grant bounces back and forth between his two wives and trying to break the news to his bride that his wife is actually alive, while Dunne tries to tell her children that she’s their long-lost mother (while also keeping her own secrets from Grant). The result is a masterful comedy that only gets better as everything reaches its tipping point and a classic in the screwball comedy genre.

Final Grade: A-


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