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Movie Review – “Wuthering Heights” (1939)



“Wuthering Heights” is like that one baseball player that just rubs you the wrong way coming up to bat, hoping and praying that he’ll strikeout and look like a fool, only for him to get a hit and surprise everyone. I went in to this movie not expecting anything, similar to films like “Jezebel” or “The Pirate” – just a period piece that people still like to talk about today. But I was pleasantly surprised by the passionate acting of Laurence Olivierand Merle Oberon and their devotion for one another, to the point that they’ll ruin the others life if they can’t be with each other, all while remaining authentic and powerful. It didn’t it hit out of the park or do anything spectacularly, especially when Oberon’s character changes her mind more frequently than her dresses and for the dumbest of reasons, but this was still an impressive picture. If you love period pieces or tales of lovers that cannot be, then I highly recommend “Wuthering Heights.”

Final Grade: B


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