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Movie Review – “Stan & Ollie” (2018)



“Stan & Ollie” tells the bittersweet tale of the last time legendary comedic duo Laurel and Hardy performed together. The film looks back on these days with an attentive nostalgia, going into just as much detail about the impact these two had on the world as it does with their tattered relationship. And while the comedy takes a backseat to their legacy, the film still excels due to Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly’s performances as Laurel and Hardy respectively, each of them disappearing behind the personalties and makeup. Their banter and genuine friendship is a delight, even during the heavier moments in the film. Overall, “Stan & Ollie” is a laid-back, pleasant look at one of the greatest comedy teams ever, giving something to even those who know nothing about Laurel and Hardy.

Final Grade: B


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