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Movie Review – “Godzilla: Planet Eater” (2018)



And so the sad, disappointing and remarkably underwhelming animated kaiju trilogy comes to a close, not with a bang, but with a whimper. “Godzilla: Planet Eater” is more of the same we’ve come to expect from this series of poorly animated movies – a lot of posturing, angst from unlikable characters and treating Godzilla more like a mountain than an actual character or threat. The only difference with this one is that the filmmakers have stopped caring, much like the audience. Everything feels so rushed and thrown together haphazardly that feels like a big mess. I would say that’s the perfect way to summarize this entire trilogy, but that would be speaking far too highly of it.

As a fan of animation, this whole series is an eye sore. Nothing in these films looks good and it never truly captures the scope and majesty of a monster that commands the entire planet. As a fan of Godzilla, this trilogy is as big of an insult as any of the worst films in the series, focusing more on emo punk characters and alien religions more than the reason audiences come to see these movies. As a whole, this is a trilogy I’d never recommend to anyone. Even if you like daikaiju films, stick with the worst of the Heisei and Millennium series before watching these.

Final Grade: D-


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