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Movie Review – “Vice” (2018)



Between “Vice” and “The Big Short,” I’ve can safely say that I despise Adam McKay as a director. While “The Big Short” just felt like a whole lot of nothing while being extremely pretentious about it, “Vice” wants to say something important but its presentation and attitude is so egotistical and condescending that it comes across as insulting. Even if everything the film says is factually accurate, McKay treats his audience like idiots that need to be reminded of how stupid they are. And while there are some standout moments and many solid performances, especially from Christian Bale and Amy Adams, I can’t say that I’d recommend this film to anyone. “Vice”‘s mission seems to be making everyone feel bad about themselves, mostly for letting Dick Cheney happen and for not seeing it coming. It’s like a stuck-up jock that just read a book about the George W. Bush presidency and won’t leave you alone until you agree with his overly negative opinions.

Final Grade: D+


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