George Eads quits “MacGyver”

CBS’s MacGyver will be without its muscle in the next few months. Series star George Eads has reportedly quit the reboot of the action series that is currently in its third season on CBS.

Eads co-stars as Jack Dalton, MacGyver’s partner and former Delta Force operative. One of the only ones in the field with a gun, it’ll be interesting to see who the show replaces him with later in the year. Reports indicate that Eads will finish production on the series in December, leaving the show early next year.

This isn’t the first time that Eads has quit a CBS series. Back on CSI, Eads and star Jorja Fox held out for salary raises back in season five of the series, and later was benched for multiple episodes in season 14 after an altercation with a staff writer.

MacGyver originally shot its pilot in Los Angeles and was intended to shoot the whole series there. However, after extensive retooling, the show moved production to Atlanta. This caused tension for Eads, who has a young daughter still in LA.

MacGyver is currently airing its third season, Fridays at 8PM on CBS.

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