Movie Reviews

Movie Review – “A Quiet Place” (2018)



“A Quiet Place” is one of those rare films where words cannot do the film justice, much like sound throughout the film. It is entirely a visual spectacle that uses the film medium to its fullest potential by creating a Hitchcock-like tale of suspense that weaponizes sound, and must be seen to be believed. This is one film based less on logic and thought and more on emotion and calculations, making it more of a sensation for the eyes and heart, and not so much for your brain.

I feel like “A Quiet Place” is one film that will be looked back on years from now, admired for its unique imagination and how it made everyone terrified every second of the movie by making us fear the noises of our every day lives. It is a brave, bold and nerve-wracking movie from start to finish and saying anything else about it would be a disservice to the visual experience.

Final Grade: A-


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