ATX Interview: Cast of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$

Just in recent days, it was announced that streaming service Seeso would be shutting down it’s service later this year. I was able to sit down and talk to the cast of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ back in June during the ATX Festival.

Being a professional comedian, the cast were gracious to answer my questions and talk in depth about the stand-up comedy world and am especially grateful to Paul F. Tompkins who was early to the interview and just talked comedy with me for a few minutes.

<<<Check out my interview with the creator of the show here.>>>

Jared Munson: Are you guys fans of those property shows like House Hunters or Million Dollar Listings?

Tawny Newsome: You don’t, you really don’t. I’ve never seen Million Dollar Listing before I got this job. We do like the fixer up shows. I used to be into Property Brothers before I realized they were doing a comedy shtick.

JM: Do you think this show is made for the fans of those types shows, or people that want to mock them?

Paul F. Tompkins: Both. I mean, those shows, you can’t really take them seriously, you know? I think when people watch them, I would hope that very few people are watching them for dramatic value. They are watching the show because they are ridiculous.

Dan Adhoot: If you are watching this for the home porn vlaue, we have that too. The houses that we go to are exactly like the houses that they would.

JM: Who do you think the best improviser on set is? I told Kulap (the creator) yesterday I thought it was Paul. She shot me down pretty quick.

TN: We love this question. We love pitting each other against each other.

Paul: I have the least experience with it.

Drew Tarver: We have an amazing cast of improvisers. Everyone has their own strengths. It’s a very diverse class of disciplines.

JM: Parodies you can go from one end that is very over the top to one end that is reserved and nuanced. Where does Bajillion fit into this category?

PFT: We are definitely silly. It’s gotten more absurd as it’s gone on. It has been fun to open up the world a little bit and do things that aren’t necessarily revolved around real estate, since many people is around this business selling and repairing houses, with the best roofing companies you can check here. It’s a silly show.

TN: It is still a workplace comedy. There are plotlines that take place in the office. It isn’t all about parodying the genre so much, but we have created characters that are so ridiculous on their own even if it wasn’t a parody.

JM: This festival is all about being fans of television. What does being a fan mean to you?

PFT: For us, we really love this show and believe in it so much. To come here and see someone stop us and say that they love the show, it’s tremendous.

DT: It’s wild. When we first started filming this show. Every day there would be someone in the makeup trailer that I was a big fan of. You don’t want to freak them out.

TN: When has there ever been an ensemble is significantly less famous than all of our guest stars. Every time a guest star comes on its like, do whatever you want, I love you.

The third season of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is currently available on Seeso. The producers of the series are currently working to find a new home for the show’s already filmed fourth season.

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