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Review: Alien Covenant

Alien: Covenant

This is a fairly difficult film to write a review for. There is so much to uncover between this most recent film and 2012’s Prometheus which, especially after this film, I have a newfound appreciation for. With this film, I finally have a grasp on the story director Ridley Scott wants to tell. Where Prometheus was about the discovery of our creation, Covenant is equally about the creation of the xenomorph alien we know from the franchise.

The less I talk about this film, the better, as there are many revelations and twists throughout that are worth experiencing for yourself. As with all Ridley Scott’s films, Covenant is an extremely ambitious, thought-provoking, and striking piece of work. There are a few scenes here that should 100% not work in any other film, but thanks to Scott’s direction and Michael Fassbender’s pair of flawless performances, they almost become highlights of the film itself. There is a lot going on in this movie and, if you are interested in seeing it, I highly recommend going back and giving Prometheus another watch before you head to the theater.  Alien-Covenant-Michael-Fassbender

As with the best in the Alien franchise, this is a dark sci-fi horror film that thrives on one’s need for survival. While we still aren’t close to the masterpiece of the original film, this is miles head the third and fourth installments. This is a tense and satisfying addition to the franchise, with a number of great performances from the cast. If you are looking for a good, gory hard sci-fi film, then look no further.

Rating: R for sci-fi violence, bloody images, language and some sexuality/nudity

Runtime: 2 hours, 2 minutes

Grade: B+

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