An Interview with Comedy Great Sarah Colonna

With pilot season in full swing, many prospective series are waiting until the May upfronts to see if their show will hit the networks this fall. One such series is Unsatiable, a new hopeful CW drama that stars Dallas Roberts and comedian Sarah Colonna. Colonna, best known for her regular appearances on Chelsea Lately and touring the country with her stand-up, is hoping this series is one of the few to be ordered to series to the CW.

“I think from what I understand, they want to get into more darker comedies, shows that are funny and a little dark. This one is definitely that. It’s really, really interesting. The minute I read it I was like, ‘My god, I would give anything to be on this show.’ The whole script was great.”

The series follows Bob (Roberts), a lawyer who is constantly bullied by his father, the owner of the law firm where he works, and his wife. Dissatisfied with his job, he becomes a pageant coach.

“It is very loosely based on a real person that I’m fascinated with,” Colonna said. “Being a pageant coach and a lawyer in the south is very funny to me in general.”

Roberts is no stranger to television, having series regular roles in shows like Unforgettable and The L Word, with recurring roles in The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, and the Law & Order franchise. Colonna is a huge fan of their time together on set.

“He was great. One of my favorite scenes was with him. He is great in this role. It is perfect for him. He is super talented.”

The cast also includes Debby Ryan, who plays Colonna’s daughter in the series. Colonna is no stranger to acting, she studied acting while at college.

“I’ve always wanted to do both, acting, stand-up, writing. My dream end thing would be to sell my own show. It’s always something I’ve wanted to do. It feels good to just get cast in something and not have to do the rest of it.”

However, sometimes being a stand-up comedian gets you typecast in comedic roles. When the casting directors for the show called Colonna up to read for a drama, it was a welcome surprise.

“They called me in to read for it. I really liked the role right away. I’ve guest starred on Battle Creek which was on CBS. I don’t want to just have to do a certain thing. To get called in for something like this was cool for me, thinking outside the box not just cause I was a comedian. Super nice.”

Even if the series gets ordered to series, don’t plan on Colonna calling it quits on her comedy career. She says that she would make the time make it all work.

“I would do both. Right now I am able to tour more, but if we were shooting in the fall, I just wouldn’t tour when we were shooting and tour in the spring. I definitely would not be abandoning it in any shape or form, I love it too much.”

A lot has changed for Colonna in the last year. She married Seattle Seahawk’s punter Jon Ryan last year, which has added a good amount of material for her act. With his career as a football player, it has created a juggling act as well.

“Just getting married in your 40’s is a lot different than marrying in your 20’s. It would be very tricky, but we’ve already discussed it too. Right now during the fall we try to make every home game and do my stand-up around that.”

You can see Sarah Colonna at the Spokane Comedy Club this weekend and you can order her book Has Anyone Seen My Pants? here.

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