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“Logan” Shreds Box Office *UPDATED*


Hugh Jackman has left the building the best way possible: on top. Logan is estimated to have raked in north of $85 $88 million this weekend, higher than projections of $74 million. Logan wasn’t the only one to beat expectations, with The Shack hitting $16 million over the $12.5 million projected debuting in third place.

The $85.3 $88 million Logan took in is higher than the $53 The Wolverine debuted with in 2013 and slightly higher than the $85.05 million X-Men Origins: Wolverine launched with in 2009.

Across the rest of the box office, Get Out had a strong second weekend with only a 21.8% 15.4% drop and $26 $28 million to bring its domestic total to $75.9 $78 million to stay in second. The Lego Batman Movie nabbed another $11.6 million for $148 million over four weeks and is fourth place for the weekend. Before I Fall debuted in fifth place with $4.6 million.

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