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“Fantastic Beasts” to underperform at box office


While a $75 million opening weekend for most films would be a huge success, it does not appear that the folks behind Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be celebrating.

Original estimates has Fantastic Beasts perched around the $90-$95 million range, which would help start a new franchise in the Harry Potter world. However, those projections have dropped to the $72-$75 million range, as moviegoers are not flocking to see the film as expected. The $180 million budget also dictated that the film open near $100 million to even make a profit.

What has hurt this new film is that the words Harry Potter haven’t appeared in much of the promotions and there aren’t any child actors in the film. While the original series catered to children and adults alike, it seems like this new one isn’t drawing in the young fans as expected.

It was announced by author and screenwriter J.K. Rowling that Fantastic Beasts is intended to the be the first film in a five film franchise, which will be hard to continue if this first film does not continue to recoup its budget these next few weeks. A $75 million opening puts the film below most of the Twilight films opening weekends and Marvel’s most recent film Doctor Strange.

The lowest opening weekend for one of the original eight Harry Potter films was Order of the Phoenix, back in 2007, opening to $77.1 million followed by Half-Blood Prince in 2009 with $77.8 million. The average of all the films openings’ was $91.7 million.

Warner Bros has had a rough go at the box office the past few years, with films like Pan bombing in the box office, and others like Batman v Superman not having legs in theaters like they’d hope. For Fantastic Beasts to be successful, Warner Bros needs to hope its international ticket sales break records and that the film holds steady through Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas.

Have you seen the new Fantastic Beasts film? What did you think? Sound off!

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  1. We just got back from seeing it. We are a family of Potterphiles so expectations were high. We loved it. I liked the mixture of tones in the movie but my one criticism is that sometimes the shifts between tones were too abrupt. The characters and performances were great, the magical beasts were charming, and the visual effects were beautiful. I actually wanted it to be sufficiently different from the HP movies and was pleased that while clearly inhabiting the same world it was exploring it in a different way. Some of the themes were quite timely too. I hope it does well as we would like to see more.

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