CW’s Superhero slate updates: TCA


At the TCA press conference today for the CW, the Executive Producers from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl announced some major news for the upcoming seasons of their respected shows.

  • This will be the final season of flashbacks on Arrow; this time around they will take place in Russia and will feature 80’s icon Dolph Lundgren.
  • New series lead Christopher Wood on Supergirl will star as Mon-El, an alien being with similar powers to Supergirl. He is the mysterious person in the pod at the end of the first season. Mon-El is from the planet Daxam, and traveled to Krypton where Jor-El warned him of that planet’s doom, and gave him a map to Earth.
  • Sharon Leal is also coming aboard to Supergirl as Miss Martian.
  • There will be a four part crossover this winter featuring all four series, as well as a two part crossover with The Flash and Supergirl, each being a musical episode.
  • Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl have 22-episode orders, with Legends of Tomorrow with 13, and room for more.

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