First Look: Superman & Supergirl promo for “Supergirl” Season 2

The CW has released a new promotional image for the 2nd Season of Supergirl, and this one’s a big deal because it gives fans the first look of Tyler Hoechlin in costume as Superman.

The image shows Kryptonian cousins Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Kal-El (Hoechlin) standing in a heroic pose above the House of El crest.

Superman and Supergirl.jpeg

From its initial appearance, Superman’s suit shares similar characteristics with Supergirl’s outfit, from the shade of maroon in the boots, cape, and crest, to the dark navy that composes their suits. Both Superman and Supergirl’s suits have a similar texture pattern on the outside, which looks similar to the pattern design seen on Henry Cavill’s costume in the DC Extended Universe movies.

The Superman suit was designed Supergirl costume designer Kiersten Ronning. You can find a larger, higher resolution photo here.

Initial Reaction: I’m mixed on this.

After getting over the initial awe factor of Superman and Supergirl, the Super Cousins, standing alongside each other, I began focusing more on the Superman suit.

Last year when I wrote about my thoughts on the first images of Benoist in the suit, I gave it a thumbs up. I enjoyed the look of the suit, although later on it has bothered me that her “S” crest did not have the yellow background.

I give props to giving Superman the yellow shield behind the “S”, which is how it should be. I also caught a little tip of the hat to the Christopher Reeve “S” design, with the slightly slanted starting point, if you will, to the “S” design, which can be seen here. I like that the costumes are of similar design and material, and I love the “S” shield. It’s not too big, or too small, and it really stands out, which it should do.

What I don’t care for is the cape placement, the belt, and the boots.

The placement of the cape, along with the metal inserts for the cape, are really odd to look at. If anything, it should be in the collar, like on Supergirl’s costume, or at least rest closer to the collar, like Cavill’s costume in the movies. This design looks bizarre, almost as if they were slightly inspired by the design of Superman’s outfit from the Injustice video game.

Superman’s boots have a mechanical, clunky look to them. I’m not wild on the design either, which seems to draw inspiration from the boots from DC’s New 52 Superman.

The most disappointing is the belt. Superman hasn’t worn a belt on TV/Film since Superman Returns (and subsequently Smallville, which recycled the Returns suit). Cavill’s Superman lacks the belt, but this looks extremely out of place. In the comics, Superman still wears a belt, but it has more of a shape to it. This just looks like a rectangular belt hula-hoop. I would prefer a more form, fitting belt or even a yellow belt for a color contrast, similar to Supergirl’s.

Also absent is the lack of red trunks, which were last seen in Superman Returns for film and Smallville for television.

I also feel like the photoshop job on Tyler Hoechlin was poorly done by whoever was in charge of this, and not a good idea of what he would really look like as the Man of Steel. His body looks much thinner than it should, and his face doesn’t look right, especially the look Kara has on her face standing beside him.

I’ll cross my fingers the next promotional image will look better, or even have costume tweaks (similar to the 2009 Wonder Woman TV outfit that was changed after the first reveal), but I don’t find the suit that spectacular. I’d favor the Superman Returns and Man of Steel suits in comparison.

What’s your take on the costume?


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