An Evening with the “Royal Pains” cast – Part One

Royal Pains is one of those rare shows on either cable or broadcast television to make it to eight seasons. We followed the journey of Hank Lawson and the associates of HankMed from their humble beginnings to a highly successful concierge medicine practice.

As the series airs its final episode tomorrow night, let’s take a look back with Henry Winkler, Ben Shenkman, Reshma Shetty, Andrew Lenchewski, Paulo Costanzo, Mark Feuerstein, Michael Rauch, and Brooke D’Orsay about their feelings on the show coming to an end and why the show lasted so long. I sat down with them at the ATX Festival in Austin to discuss the series in detail. Come back tomorrow for more hilarity and stories from over eight seasons of fun.

Also stay on the look out in this video to see which cast member needs Dr. Hank to save the day.

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