First Look: “B+T” – The Spiritual “Roswell” Revival, of sorts

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There seems to be some confusion based on the headline that this is the definitive Roswell revival. This is not the case. This article does not claim that B+T is a true revival, but rather a spiritual successor to the show. Remember that as you read/share this article  – THE WOE STAFF

Ever since Roswell went off the airwaves back in May 2002, it’s become something of a pop culture phenomenon that continues to live on to this day. With numerous shows getting revival series events, movies, and even comic book continuations, Roswell has been one of those shows that fans have wanted to see continue dating as far back as to the day of its series finale.

Last year, at the ATX Television Festival, there was a reunion involving the majority of the Roswell cast that brought up the topic among the fans of a revival or even a movie. Their voices have been heard… sort of.

Throughout 2016, actress Majandra Delfino has been dropping cryptic tweets regarding her character, Maria DeLucaand her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr), who happens to be one of the Roswell aliens.

In mid-June, Majandra began dropping hints about a project known as “#BandT” on Twitter. She hinted at a project involving the infamous Vasquez Rocks formation, which was a key setting throughout Roswell’s run. She then posted random, cropped photos of two individuals standing beside the Vasquez Rocks. Yesterday, she followed up her cryptic tweets by a photo of her and Brendan Fehr standing in front of the rocks with the website “”.

But what exactly is Baron and Toluca?

Instantly, many fans of the show, including myself, wondered if it was some sort of Roswell revival or a spin-off.

If you go to the website, you’re met with a splash page with this caption:


Immediately, this shoots down the idea that it’s a Roswell revival. However, if you click on the text, it re-directs you to another page with this caption:


Beneath that, is a full shot of Fehr and Delfino standing in front of the Vasquez Rocks. The picture also has the title of the show “B+T” and “2017” on it.


Guerin and DeLuca…. er… Baron and Toluca

Beneath the photograph is this caption:

The story is written, the pieces in place. The rest is up to you…

This is followed by the Netflix logo urging fans to “Tell Netflix You Need B+T.”

If you click on “You Need B+T,” it re-directs you to a third page, with a plot synopsis of what the show is about.

Life begins to imitate art, when Baron and Toluca find themselves in a familiar part of New Mexico

Despite their torrid past, they team up in a frantic attempt to unravel a paranormal mystery threatening to kill them both

Here’s hoping they figure it all out in time…if they can just keep from killing each other first…

If you’re wondering, yes, the names “Baron” and “Toluca” sound awfully similar to “Guerin” and “DeLuca,” the last names that Fehr and Delfino played on Roswell.

It should also be noted that if you go to the official B+T Twitter Page, the account lists its birthday as “1947,” the year of the Roswell UFO Crash.

While it’s not quite a true Roswell revival, it comes across as a spiritual successor that should appeal to the fans. While Max and Liz were arguably the most popular paring on the series, Michael and Maria were my favorite, so it’ll be good to see them re-unite after all this time. And who knows? Perhaps there will be cameo appearances by other former Roswell cast members.

If you want to see this show, Delfino & Fehr encourage fans to tweet “@netflix – the people have spoken! Give us the show B+T!!!! @baronandtoluca #NETFLIXforBandT” every Saturday until the show is picked up by the streaming giant.

Also, be sure to check out the show’s website and their Twitter accounts, provided below.

Baron and Toluca (OFFICIAL WEBSITE)
Baron & Toluca on Twitter

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  1. OMG! LOL. I was part of the fandom back when it was the sensation it was, stuck with it from the WB to the UPN network.

    Michael & Maria were liked, yes, but NO!!!! They were NOT arguably the most popular pairing on that show it was Max & Liz and their teen angst soulmate relationship that captured the hearts of the majority. It was why the end of s2 killed things so much with the Max|Tess fiasco.

    I understand trying to pique interest and all for some type of revival, I would watch, but clearly this article is uninformed about the state of the fandom back then. Not cool to make it flop with false assertions before it even gets started because I guarantee any possibilty of a Roswell revival will be bringing the Max|Liz fans out of the woodworks. It would be a big mistake to isolate them again … the show already made that huge error 15 years ago.

    • I appreciate the feedback, especially regarding the error I posted regarding Michael and Maria as the popular pairing. My “derp” editing skills was part of a rambling process that I did not fix. The sentence should have read, “While Max and Liz were arguably the most popular paring on the series, Michael and Maria were my personal favorite, so it’ll be good to see them re-unite after all this time.”

      As for the title, I did not state that Roswell was 100% coming back; I was stating B&T was “sort of” a spiritual successor. It has feeling and sense that it is, especially with how Majandra and Brendan have been campaigning it. The title has been modified avoid further confusion.

      Apologies if that comes across as “uninformed.” It has since been edited.with the originally intended statement.

      • Dan, that apology is unnecessary. Always listen to your audience and fans but don’t let them bully you, especially if they claim opinion as fact in their opposition to your ‘alleged’ misconduct of doing the same. Arguably’ suggests the statement is, in fact, not fact but an opinion that could be, well.. ‘argued’. It’s not a ‘false assertion’ but an opinion, your opinion, and one you’re entitled to and who’s to tell you different? They can certainly disgree with you but when discussing opinions/preferences, and not facts, right or wrong doesn’t have a place. While I wasn’t exactly part of the fandom, I was on the show so you have it on pretty good authority the article was anything but uninformed. Anyway, my 2 cents but gotta love the passion of our fans, dreamers or candy or any other.

      • Apparently my phone has started to autocorrect all names to #Dan. Ha, it’s even #forthedans. My apologies, DAVID.

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