CBS cancels “CSI: Cyber” after second season; end of “CSI” era


I doubt if you asked anyone a few years ago, they’d say the CSI era would end before the Law & Order era. But, the day has come. Today, CBS has announced that CSI: Cyber has been canceled after its second season, effectively ending the CSI legacy that started 16 years ago.

CSI: Cyber was the fourth in the CSI franchise, and the first that didn’t focus on forensic crimes, but rather on cyber crimes. The original CSI lasted fifteen years and finished this last fall with a two-hour movie. CSI: Miami ran for 10 seasons, and CSI: NY for nine.

Since CSI started, NCIS has taken over as the hottest franchise, spawning NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans over the past few years. The Chicago franchise series on NBC are also red hot with Chicago Fire, P.D., and Med consistently ranking in big numbers for the peacock network, and a just announced Chicago Justice series coming this fall.

CSI: Cyber starred Patricia Arquette, Ted Danson, and James Van Der Beek, among others.

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  1. Crazy to think that it’s the end of an era, especially since CSI has been a staple of Television since 2000.

    I used to really like CSI, but around 2007 the episodes got really dry to me and I basically abandoned it. I had no interest in Miami or NY, so when Cyber came out, I couldn’t help but shake my head. And the bad reviews I’ve heard of it, it doesn’t surprise me this got axed.

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