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Tony Todd confirms “Final Destination 6”

Tony Todd

Tony Todd confirmed that there will be a 6th Final Destination.

Tony Todd, an iconic actor involved in the horror genre, confirmed that there will be a 6th installment of the popular horror film franchise Final Destination.

Reported by Jay Dee of Movie Pilot, Todd confirmed in an interview with Fangoria that pre-production of the tentatively titled Final Destination 6 will begin at the end of the summer in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also confirmed that he would reprise his role as William Bludworth, a mortician with the most knowledge of Death and its design of who lives and who dies.

Todd says the new movie will be “exactly what fans have been waiting for.” Said Todd, “I know personally I can’t wait to get started. This is one going to be smart, fresh and definitely a big hit with the fans.”

The news of a 6th film has been going around since the release of Final Destination 5. Back in 2011, Todd stated in an interview with DreadCentral that if Final Destination 5 was successful, then Warner Bros would begin planning filming 6th and 7th installments back-to-back.

With Final Destination 5 serving as a prequel to the first 4 films, there’s no confirmation if the sequel will take place after The Final Destination or possibly another prequel.

What say you? Are you excited for a 6th Final Destination? Do you think it will be a sequel or a prequel?

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  1. Please…please do another film…I am a huge fan…I have seen the movies no less then 5 times.
    I would be happy to hear that. I also available to help with the script…I have some ideas.

  2. I am dying to know the progress of this….I really need to see another FD movie. Proud fan of the franchise. much excite. Plenty love.

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