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Movie Review – “Deadpool” (2016)


Your love or hate for this film depends entirely on how you feel about violence, nudity, obscure movie references, and breaking the fourth wall. If any of that sounds appealing to you, “Deadpool” is a firecracker wrapped inside of the best four-dollar taco you’ve ever had. If any of that turns you off, go see “The Revenant” again for a bit less obscene…

…oh wait…

I had a blast watching “Deadpool” because it is the perfect solution to the many trends and themes that have popped up in Marvel movies over the last few years. At times, this film feels like it is kindred spirits with “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” and then it kicks Star Lord in the nards while gleefully laughing about how fat Chris Pratt was.

Of course, watching Ryan Reynolds rip apart his own movies, especially “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Green Lantern,” is its own reward for sitting through those painful experiences.


Like its titular character, “Deadpool” seems self-aware and completely self-absorbed, down to its opening credit sequence showing title cards like “A Hot Chick” and “Some British Asshole” instead of the actors names. As if this movie was made by Deadpool, a character who not only thinks the sun revolves around him but that he created the sun and faked the moon landing for good measure.

The best way I can describe Deadpool is Bugs Bunny, if Bugs decided to become a mercenary that loved to carve up his victims like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Overall, “Deadpool” is exactly what I expected it to be An R-rated superhero film that took every opportunity to either break the fourth wall and address the audience directly or to over-indulge itself in its violent behavior. The film never took itself seriously and never skipped a beat when it came to the comedy, and chose to have fun with a superhero that goes by the nickname of “The Merc With The Mouth.”

Final Grade: B+

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