“Unforgettable” canceled by A&E


After cheating death twice, it looks like Unforgettable is finally over. CBS canceled the Poppy Montgomery series after its first full season, then reversed their decision and renewed it for a summer launch for season two and three. After the third season, CBS then decided to cancel the series again. Finally, A&E decided to pick up the series for a fourth season that aired from November, 2015 to January, 2016. Caught up?

While the series was never a major hit in the US, Sony TV has been able to make a big profit from the series overseas. However, it does not appear that they will be shopping the series anywhere else this time around.

Unforgettable followed Detective Carrie Wells (Montgomery) who has a photographic memory that helps her in her cases. Her partner is Lt. Al Burns (Dylan Walsh), who also is her love interest throughout the series.

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