James Bond: From Worst to Best – Goldfinger


The quintessential Bond film and probably most fan’s #1 favorite. This is really the one that brought the Bond films into the forefront, started many of the Bond tropes, and really became a hit with international audiences. Connery is in perfect form here and we get our first introduction to the Aston Martin DB-5, a car we will seen time and again in the series. Goldfinger is the installment that made the series what it is today and had it not been made, it may have not continued as long as it has.

Let’s start with the bad guys. Here we have Goldfinger and Oddjob…name me two more recognizable villains in the series (much less in any other film). Jaws comes in as second best, but both of these characters are so memorable and iconic that they have been paid homage to and parodied numerous times. You could show almost anyone the scene where Oddjob throws his hat and cuts off the statues head; or the scene where Goldfinger has Bond tied up to table with the laser and says “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die,” and they will know exactly what film it is. There are countless classic scenes and great quotes that have stood the test of time here. Some also may say that Sylvia Trench from the previous films was the start of the innuendo-ous names given to the Bond girls, but I think it began here with Pussy Galore. It’s after this that we get Plenty O’Toole, Mary Goodnight, Chew Mee, Holly Goodhead, Octopussy, and Xenia Onatopp. Might not be one of the best parts of the series but it’s often quite a fun one, especially during the Roger Moore days.  Goldfinger-Suit

Sean Connery really comes into his own here. He owns every line and every action sequence. His face-off with Oddjob at the end of the film is fantastic and him stopping the bomb at 0:07 is classic (something that is paid homage to often, notably in the final season of 24). This is probably the film I watched the most as a kid and it is still just as entertaining today. Compared to Dr. No and From Russia with Love, this is a very fast-paced entry in the series. While compared to today’s films it may not seem action packed, there is just something unique about watching Bond put a tracker on Goldfinger’s car and follow it in his DB-5 with the huge navigation system. That it is so entertaining is a sign of a good script and good direction by Guy Hamilton, who had directed a few Bond flicks (with Goldfinger his only solid entry).

Goldfinger has everything you want from a Bond flick – evil villains, great Bond girls, classic car, and fun gadgets with Q. I actually got married in the same style of gray suit Bond wears in the film (as pictured). There’s only so much you can say about this film because it is so well known. Obviously if you are a fan of the series, you have seen this one and you know how great it is. Just writing about it makes me want to go back and watch it again.

Worst to Best so far:
24. Live & Let Die
23. The Man with the Golden Gun
22. A View to a Kill
21. Die Another Day
20. Octopussy
19. Moonraker
18. Diamonds are Forever
17. Quantum of Solace
16. Licence to Kill
15. The World is Not Enough
14. You Only Live Twice
13. For Your Eyes Only
12. The Living Daylights
11. Thunderball
10. Tomorrow Never Dies
8. The Spy Who Loved Me
7. Dr. No
6. From Russia with Love
5. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
4. Casino Royale
3. Goldfinger


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