Movie Reviews

Movie Review – “Krampus” (2015)


I despised this film. Every excruciating second of this abomination was like a dagger into my love of Christmas and my thirst for new horror. Never funny, nor scary, “Krampus” half-asses everything in trying to please everyone and ends up making no one happy. This trash-heap was mean-spirited, unclever and lacks any worthwhile characters or moments. Instead of any characters redeeming themselves, “Krampus” seems to go out of its way to make its characters the biggest assholes that never learn anything, including a moral about Christmas.

The lesson audiences’ are supposed to learn from “Krampus,” I assume, is to never tear up your letter to Santa Claus, or else an evil-shadow-Santa will come down, kill your family in terrible horrifying ways, and stuff you in a snowglobe where you will be stuck in an eternal Christmas. I’d like to say it is something far more simple to comprehend, but I’m at a loss for words on this one. “Krampus” had nothing going for it, and is one of those films we hide in a box and pretend doesn’t exist.

Final Grade: F

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