James Bond: From Worst to Best – A View to a Kill


I know I might get a lot of flack for this one, because it has been widely regarded as the worst Bond film in the series. Roger Moore looking well his age in this one (at 57), like he should be playing M and not the super spy himself. Moore actually decided to hang up the tux after finding out that the Bond girl’s real life mother was younger than he was. So a thank you to Tanya Roberts’ mother for allowing Moore to hang it up and give Timothy Dalton a chance.

While the film is pretty much a mess from the start, it is still pretty fun…even if it’s more in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way. You have Christopher Walken cast as the villain, a few years after picking up his Oscar for The Deer Hunter, and he really gives it his all in the best way Walken can. There is that great chase sequence on the Eiffel Tower involving Bond driving half-a-car and Mayday parachuting off the tower itself. The final fight on top of the Golden Gate Bridge is fun too, although weren’t blimps way out of style by the time this movie came out?

A View to a Kill

While the end is pretty ridiculous and it runs out of steam, it is still a fun watch. Keep an eye out for the butterfly assassination…it’s just as great as it sounds. Unlike the last two Roger Moore James Bond film’s I’ve talked about, this one isn’t boring. It’s consistently fun and so insane that it’s hard not to watch. The Duran Duran song in the opening credits is great, the stunts are fantastic as always, and it’s hard not to be entertained every time Walken is on screen.

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