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Mini-Review – “The Warriors” (1979)


For most of the run time of “The Warriors,” I was confused as to whether this was supposed to be a post-apocalyptic tale or if it was a prequel to “RoboCop.”

The gang leader at the beginning of the film makes it clear there are nearly 600,000 gang members in the New York area. Everything is drenched in graffiti, and each gang has its own unique theme and method of attacking, from baseball zombies, to rollerbladers with Andy Samberg haircuts, to women that allure you in and strike you least expect it.

This is a strange take on the gang war, where it seems the entire city of New York is against this small gang for a crime they did not commit. It does not feel like “The Warriors” is saying anything against gang violence, since our heroes end up using the same violence to solve all their problems and are witnesses to a lot more of it. Rather, gang violence is the vehicle to move the plot along.

And from that perspective, “The Warriors” certainly isn’t a bad film. Like “Bloodsport,” it accomplishes what it set out to do and entertained me throughout its just time. Am I going to watch it at some other point? Probably not. It was a serviceable film, but didn’t do anything too extraordinary, besides paint a gloomy else-world New York where gangs have taken over.

I’m glad I watched “The Warriors,” just to know where some of its famous lines came from, but it did not do anything for me.

Final Grade: C+

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