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World of Entertainment always feels that music is one of the forms of entertainment that gets overlooked compared to television and movies. However, without a great soundtrack, your show or movie is severely lacking. Over the past year we have focused on up and coming artists, something that we will continue to strive to do in the future. This month we have a very interesting artist who is making waves over seas.

We are back with another look at an artist that you might not have heard of, but one that you should definitely start listening to. Music is one of those mediums that you can escape into, and is one of the reasons we like to help introduce some bands that deserve your attention. This week we turn the attention to global rock star Luca Bash.

Throughout 2014, Luca Bash released four EPs to the general public: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black. He has now released Single Drops, an EP that features one song from each of those EPs as well as a new song, “Your Tomorrow”. The folksy singer is an international star already – winning the award for best interpretation during the International Festival of Songs in Piombino, Italy back in 2006. During the time Luca formed the band BASH (note the stylistic difference), they played at the Festival at Piombino, winning the award for Best Arrangement in 2007

While Luca Bash might not be as known stateside, its hard to deny the musical genius of Bash and lead guitar player Giova Pes. Their focus last year when releasing their projects stemmed from that, “each EP represents one of the base colors on a printer which make up all the colors in a picture, and each group of songs corresponds with Bash’s interpretation of that color and that representative phase of his musical journey.” The rhythms and lyrical qualities of each song blends traditional Americana with some Latin fusion that you don’t get here.

Taking cues from the Dave Matthews Band and other folksy/rock bands, Luca Bash creates soulful melodies and lyrics that are up to par with any other band in the genre. While Luca Bash might be an international artist, with the way social media works, some of his biggest fans can be here in the United States.

Take a listen through the journey of Single Drops below and let us know what you think. Let us know your favorite track from the album as well!

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