NBC scraps “Coach” reboot


On Monday night, news broke over multiple entertainment websites that NBC has decided to scrap the upcoming 13-episode reboot of Coach.

Back in March, NBC followed the trend of reviving 90’s shows and opted to revive Coach, the ABC sitcom starring Craig T. Nelson as Hayden Fox, head coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. The series lasted 9 seasons between 1989 and 1997. The reboot would have picked up in the present, where Coach Fox has been retired for 18 years. Fox’s son, Tim (Andrew Ridings) is the new head coach for Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology’s new football team, and he convinces his father to come out of retirement and become assistant coach.

At the time, all four networks were in contention to land the series, but the show landed on NBC due to its ties with Universal Television. Now it’s looking like NBC had a change of heart. Original series creator Barry Kemp wrote the pilot episode for the new series.

A report from Deadline states that NBC reportedly filmed one episode rather than all 13 and re-evaluated the series before beginning production on the remaining 12. Initial screenings of the pilot were mixed with sources reportedly feeling the series was dated. NBC has decided to scrap the project the network and the producers of the series had “creative differences,” leading to NBC cancelling the project.

Just because NBC has scrapped the project doesn’t mean that the revival is 100% dead. Universal TV will shop the series around, which could include returning to ABC or possibly Netflix, which is producing Fuller House, a reboot of ABC’s Full House.

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