Michael Jacobs Quick Q&A at the Austin Airport – EXCLUSIVE


Let me start by saying that Michael Jacobs, by far, was the most personable person at the ATX Festival in Austin. I saw him at least a dozen times between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon, each time talking to fans, answering questions, and posing for photographs.

Sunday afternoon after the festival I was waiting in line to purchase a drink at the Austin Airport, where I again saw Jacobs as he was with his daughter looking for magazines for their flight back to Los Angeles. When he passed me, I said, “Thanks for being so kind and willing to talk to everyone this weekend.” He wished me safe travels back and after I said thank you, asked if I could ask one question. That one question turned into a fun conversation.

During the Boy/Girl Meets World Panel, Jacobs kept referring to the fact that he already knew the “endgame” of the series. The answer wasn’t seven like Boy Meets World, but rather, “I think we’ll do four. We might do 30 [episodes] this year. We’ll end up around 90-100.”

It didn’t seem like it was for the lack of wanting to continue the show for THAT long, but rather that, “The cast is fantastic. I think they’ll get movie offers.” It’s no denying that Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are on their way to stardom, with the former already starring in Spy Kids 4 and the latter releasing a successful pop album recently.

Jacobs also brought up an idea he had that Disney has gone with before. He said, “Do you remember Zack & Cody? We might do something like that after the four and we will do a new show. But we don’t know yet.” The first Zack & Cody series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, was a 3-season hit, spanning 87 episodes and helped launch the career of Disney star Ashley Tisdale. The second series, The Suite Life on Deck, lasted 3 years as well, and 71 episodes, launching Debbie Ryan into stardom.

The final thing we talked about was how Boy Meets World became much more successful and “found again” or “found new” through DVDs and reruns. Many fans have been wondering if DVDs would come out in season sets since Disney Channel is known for only reason 4-episode “volumes”. Jacobs said, “Disney wants you to watch the reruns. So I think DVDs will come after the series ends.”

Did you spot Michael Jacobs throughout Austin during the ATX Festival? Did you ask him a question we didn’t – or wasn’t asked during the panel? Sound off!


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  1. Do you know how I can email michael jacbos I have been trying to email Michael jacobs for 4 years and I don’t know what his email address is there are wikia boy meets world pages and he needs to this

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