“Gilmore Girls” Reunion Sparks Fond Memories, No Reunion Planned – YET


Over 1200 screaming fans of Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls filled the Paramount Theater to see the reunion that fans have been wanting since the show had ended. On hand for the festivities was nearly every cast member (save for Melissa McCarthy who was out promoting her new film SpySean Gunn was is out of the country filming a movie – probably Guardians 2, and the late Ed Herrmann, who passed away on New Year’s Eve, but was given a touching tribute and a seat left for him).

The show began with Amy Sherman-PalladinoLauren GrahamAlexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop discussing how they got roles and how they started their family dynamics. Sherman-Palladino went on to say how the family would not have been a family without Herrmann, and said how “f—ed up” it was that he passed away. Apparently no one knew he was ill, and was also the first one to sign on for the reunion panel to begin with.

After the touching video tribute that Sherman-Palladino created for Herrmann, the rest of the cast was introduced on stage, which led to an hour of fun storytelling among the cast. Some highlights included some of the actors’ favorite characters other than themselves and that Liza Weil originally auditioned for the role of Rory, but “didn’t think [I was] quite right.”

Bledel was asked out of Jess, Logan, or Dean, to which Scott Patterson replied, “None of you are good enough for Rory.” However, Milo Ventimiglia said about Matt Czuchry’s character that, “Logan was kind of a dick!” to thunderous applause. This was repeated by Czuchry after Sherman-Palladino said that Logan was the first of Rory’s boyfriends that didn’t pay attention to her right away.

Graham and Patterson were asked by a fan if they thought Lorelai and Luke ended up married – or if they think they are still together, with Graham stating, “It didn’t for me end in a great way. We weren’t sure it was the end; we didn’t have Amy. I can’t answer it because it didn’t really end; it didn’t resolve satisfactorily,” She did add, “I think they are together — 100 percent.”

One of the more interesting and funny notes of the night belonged to Danny Strong, who played Doyle on the show, has since co-created Empire, and was given the funniest praise of the night from Sherman-Palladino, “I love that Danny has become the voice of black America.”

Unfortunately, the news fans wanted the most tonight – a reunion – didn’t happen. Sherman-Palladino said that the stars would have to align right, a budget would need to be approved, and all the cast would have to have time in their schedules to make it work. It wasn’t ruled out, however, but it doesn’t sound like it is something that will be happening in the near future.

After standing in line for over 2 and a half hours – some even passing out due to heat exhaustion – it seems like the Gilmore Girls fans were given the reunion that they had hoped for.

Did you attend the Gilmore Girls reunion panel? Was it everything you hoped for? Was there something missing? Sound off! 

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