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“Tron 3” derezzed by Disney

TRon Legacy cast

Olivia Wilde, Jeff Bridges, and Garrett Hedlund in 2010’s Tron: Legacy.

A month after it was announced that Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund would return to Tron 3, the sequel to 2010’s Tron Legacy, Disney has decided to “derez” the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday that Disney has chosen not to move forward with development of the third movie in the Tron franchise. Sources cited in the original report state that Disney never officially greenlit the film, but the announcement of Wilde, Hedlund, and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski suggested otherwise.

A source with Variety stated that Disney pulled the plug on the film because the studio “could not find a place on its crowded slate as it looked all the way into 2018” despite the franchise’s popularity. A Disney executive told Variety  that “Things in the queue got ahead of it and we have such a big slate out in front of it, we started to think, “Where does it go?” And it’s a pretty big investment to make if you are not even sure when you are going to release it.”

The “crowded slate” for Disney includes another version of Jungle Book, a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, Alice in Wonderland, a remake of Pete’s Dragon, a live action Beauty and the Beast, and Tim Burton’s take on Dumbo. Then there’s the fact Disney has a boat load of Pixar movies, Star Wars installmentsand eleven Marvel films.

But just because Tron 3 has been shelved, doesn’t mean that a sequel is completely out of the question. According to another source with Disney stated, “I think it could resurface at some point but it’s not going to get the go button right now.”

Are you disappointed that Tron 3 won’t be happening? Let us know what you think.

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