Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, and Lenny Kravitz to join “Empire” in 18-Episode 2nd Season


During Fox’s upfront presentation today, word was given from Fox Entertainment Group chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman announced that Empire’s second season will consist of a split 18-episode year. The first part will air in the fall culminating in a cliffhanger, with the final part airing in the spring. It is unclear if it will be a 9 and 9 episode split, or more of a 12 and 6 a lot of cable shows have been doing in the past.

Also announced is that Ne-Yo has signed on to write music for the second season as well as guest stars including Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, and Lenny Kravitz. Over the course of Empire’s first season the show was able to nab guests like Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell, Gladys Knight and Snoop Dogg.

Empire was one of the few bright spots among Fox’s bleak 2014-2015 television season, and it is becoming more evident that this will be the network’s anchor series in the future.

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