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“The Age of Adaline” (2015)



Synopsis: A freak accident has made it so Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) has stopped aging. After decades of running and hiding from the truth, she might be finally ready to settle down with Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman).

Review: Ever since Blake Lively’s days of Gossip Girl has ended, she has transitioned to the big screen in mostly supporting roles. In The Age of Adaline, she is finally able to step up and become the leading lady she was meant to be.

In Adaline, the title character is living in San Francisco in 2014 and is currently 107 years old. A freak car accident in the 1930s has made it impossible for her to age past 29 years of age. After getting pulled over a few decades later, with a license saying she was in her 40s, the government became suspicious of her. Ever since then, she has been on the run.

Adaline’s daughter, Flemming Prescott (Ellen Burstyn), is now in her elderly years, and tells Adaline that she should finally stop running and be happy. It is around this time that she meets Ellis Jones (Huisman), a benefactor who has taken a liking to Adaline. After a few dates, Adaline begins to let her guard down and fall for Ellis, when she later finds out that she used to date his father, William (Harrison Ford).

The performances in the film given by both Lively and Ford are in top form. While Ford has been typecast in recent years as the crotchety old man, the depth and emotion he brings into William’s character shows that he is in top form. Lively’s performance is brilliant as well, able to portray wit and humor that is masking the deep sadness that Adaline has inside. Lively also looked flawless through the different time periods – the costume designer deserves an Oscar.

The cinematography was nearly flawless in the film. From the accurate visuals of the many decades between the 20s to 50s as well as the stunning visuals of San Francisco, the visual brilliance of The Age of Adaline is something to behold.

The Age of Adaline is not without its small flaws, however. Some of the dialogue in the film is completely laughable, with the intent of it being anything but. The film also danced around being a romantic comedy with hints of science fiction and an epic, although it never really figured out exactly what it was.

Hopefully The Age of Adaline starts Lively’s journey into a leading lady status, as this film clearly shows the talents of a star in the making. The romantic journey that you ride on throughout the film, makes this film a great alternative to the action packed films that are currently in theaters.

Final Grade: 8.0/10

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