“Empire” debuts huge for Fox, “American Idol” low

It seems like Fox has another hit on their hands. Last night, following American Idol, Fox debuted the new series Empire, a new soap opera starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The pilot episode debuted to a huge 3.8/10 in the 18-49 demo, only behind the 3.8/12 for How to Get Away with Murder. (Side note: A 3.8/10 or means that out of all television-equipped households 3.8 percent were tuned in to that program, and out of all television-equipped households with a television currently in use 10 percent were tuned in to that program. That is why it falls behind the 3.8/12)

On the flipside, the empire that was once American Idol debuted to a 3.2 for the hour in the 18-49 demo, falling a hard 32% from last year’s 4.7. It’s overall viewership has dwindled as well, falling from over 15 million last year to barely over 11 million this year. While for any other network this drop would be alarming, Fox is in rough enough shape that these ratings are still decent.

Let us know if you watched Empire in our poll below!


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