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Jared & Nick’s Best and Worst Films of 2014


As 2014 ends and 2015 begins, Jared and Nick look back on their Top 5 films and a few of their worst films of the past year.

Jared’s Best and Worst of 2014

The Best

Barely Missed the Mark: Guardians of the Galaxy: Probably the best sci-fi/superhero film that has come out since Iron Man. With a fun plot, memorable characters, and Marvel behind it, Guardians of the Galaxy is a film not to miss.

5. Gone Girl: Brilliantly adapted from Gillian Flynn’s novel, expect to continually question yourself through the two and a half hour thriller.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Director Wes Anderson does it again, creating a fun film full of stars, packed full of plot and witty characters.

3. Birdman: Probably the best visually appealing film this year, as well as Michael Keaton’s first sure-bet Oscar worthy film.

2. The Theory of Everything: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones bring Stephen and Jane Hawking to life in this fantastic biopic.

1. Boyhood: Director Richard Linklater films a 12-year saga seen through the eyes of an adolescent boy until he turns 18.

The Worst

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This film didn’t need to be made. It only tarnishes the legacy of the original movies even more. Oh, and Michael Bay produced the film.

2. Transcendence: This Johnny Depp “thriller” from Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer makes you wish you were as dead as Depp’s character.

1. Third Person: This Liam Neeson drama was a snoozefest. Maybe Neeson does need a gun in order to have a successful movie.


Nick’s Best and Worst of 2014

The Best

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Anderson continues to expand upon his dazzling universe, with his usual wide array of star-studded power at his side. Fiennes is excellent.

4. Blue Ruin: This indie revenge flick was the surprise of the year for me. Incredible story-telling and acting that accompanies it perfectly.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: I don’t know that I’ve ever had such a good time at the theater. I’ve also never pre-ordered a movie on Amazon before this. If you haven’t seen this gem yet, you’re in for a treat.

2. Boyhood: By the time you’re finished with this epic, your brain will be running non-stop for the hours and days afterward. A twelve-year production is no easy task and Linklater tackles it perfectly.

1. Birdman: Between the amazingly original script and awe-inspiring cinematography, I don’t think I’ve ever mouth-breathed so much while staring at the theater screen. Keaton is beyond deserving of the little golden man. Check this one out.

The Worst

I’m not going to rank these because they’re all bad. Luckily, I couldn’t figure out five that deserve to be on this list.

  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire – I know, this came out in 2013…but in November. This movie was nothing more than a Twilight flick without vampires trying to masquerade as a clever dystopian film. Awful waste of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s talent.
  • Thanks for Sharing – An hour and a half of Josh Gad yelling and Pink trying to act. No thanks.
  • Happy Christmas – Normally, I don’t mind Mumblecore movies. This however, was an insufferable waste of time.
  • Amazing Spiderman 2 – I didn’t really dislike this movie until I let it set in for a few days. It’s a very bi-polar mess of a movie. Don’t waste your time.

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