Music Focus – Dimestore Prophets


If you find yourself missing the feel good vibes of Jack Johnson or even a little bit of Bob Marley, look no further than Dimestore Prophets, a band out of Moses Lake, Washington that just released their EP “Be Yourself” earlier this year. With a fusion of up-tempo songs, slick lyrics, and fun arrangements, “Be Yourself” is a fit for anyone looking for some good music.

Each of the EP’s six tracks transport you to a tropical paradise, far from their home in Moses Lake. Ray Glover, the lead vocalist of the Dimestore Prophets has a voice that almost fits better in rock and roll, but works perfectly in this funky Reggae band. Joined by John Wilson on drums and Eric Groff on bass, the band has played well over 200 shows in the past 3 and a half years in the Pacific Northwest.

The standout track in this EP is “Hey Darlin'” is a fun love song that mixes fun vocals about a man trying to get a pretty woman to take a ride with him and a very groovy arrangement with the bass and drums accenting the vocals, putting forth a very full and rich song. However, while “Hey Darlin'” might be the highlight of the EP, all six songs are pure fun and energetic.

In an age where music is breaking genres, it would seem possible that they would fit in well in a mix of a Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney concert that is just one of the many cool events in Aspen, CO next year. It seems that the Dimestore Prophets reside in both of the former artists’ getaway, relaxing, island beats. And it could easily be seen that this band would have the same amount of success in the coming years.

Make sure to take a listen to the EP, provided to you below, and let us know what you think is the best song of the selection. Or, if you can’t choose, tell us you love them all! If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest anytime soon, make sure to follow the Dimestore Prophets on Facebook and Twitter so you can see them live soon.


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