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“Jane the Virgin” (the CW)


Synopsis: When a mishap in the doctor’s office leaves Jane (Gina Rodriguez) artificially inseminated, the world of this hard-working young adult is thrown upside down.

Review: We’ve all heard the story of the very religious girl who is saving herself for marriage right? And we’ve also heard the story of that same religious girl accidentally getting artificially inseminated with her boss’s child right? Jane the Virgin introduces the television world to one if the most original ideas on TV in years.

Jane Villanueva (Rodriguez) was the product of her mother Xiomara’s (Andrea Navedo) teenage sexual rebellion. Growing up, Jane’s grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll) instilled the values of waiting to have sex until marriage all the time and it stuck with her through her relationship with her boyfriend Michael (Brett Dier).

However, this all goes awry when Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated. To make matters worse, it turns out to be from the sample of Rafael (Justin Baldoni), her boss at the hotel and also a former crush of hers. The sample was supposed to be for Petra (Yael Grobglas), the wife of Rafael, who wanted to have the baby since their marriage was in shambles.

Jane the Virgin mixes in hilarious comedy with a romantic drama. It is currently sitting at a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and just fully so. The love triangle between Jane, Rafael and Michael could’ve been cliché like every other triangle, but now that Jane is carrying Rafael’s child, it adds a new twist to the puzzle.

The cast gels perfectly as well. Gina Rodriguez is sure to be this year’s breakout star, as she is undeniably believable as a religious, hard-working young adult planning her whole life perfectly. Even as she wrestles with the decision to keep the baby or not, her performance is perfect.

It will be interesting to see how this show develops. The humor has fit into all the right places so far, and it will be interesting to see how Michael handles all the attention Rafael is sure to get. It also appears that most of the characters (Michael included) have some secrets they are hiding, as hinted upon in the pilot. The show will be a must watch every week, and something that the CW has needed for some time.

Final Grade: 9.5/10

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